RJ Yoga’s Teacher Training Weekend 2016

27th & 28th February


RJ Yoga’s Teacher Training

Course Overview


RJ Yoga Teacher Training will introduce you to the world of children’s yoga and has been designed to allow you to enhance your understanding of the yoga experience for your own children or to prepare to teach yoga to children in you own classes. The training comprises of four parts and you can decide how far you wish to take your training as you learn more of what is involved.


Step One: Our First Encounter

Over two days you will work with 3 or 4 other students. The sessions are intensive, working in a highly interactive and practical way with the group. You will learn about specific yoga poses and techniques designed to work with children, be introduced to the process of planning and delivering lessons which will be fun, safe and allow the children to gain experience and understanding of yoga. You will be able to explore the resources RJ’s yoga has developed and be given a copy of the RJ Yoga Training Manual which you will find invaluable as you proceed to step two.

Step Two: The Journey Begins

After the training weekend you will be encouraged to explore the ideas and techniques on your own. This will allow you to plan and then run your own children’s yoga sessions. We will be available for advice and support on email or by phone throughout this period. If you would like to work towards an RJ Yoga Teaching Diploma we will ask you to send us 10 detailed lesson plans and to complete a self- assessment form after each session has been completed.

This stage of the training is taken entirely at your own pace our only requirement is that you complete the ten classes and send us the written material within twelve months of commencing the course.

Step Three: Fully Fledged

On completion of stage two you will receive your R J Yoga Teacher Training Diploma and will be ready to set up your own classes using the RJ Yoga techniques.

Step Four: Growing With RJ

The cornerstone of the RJ yoga philosophy is the creation of a nurturing and supportive environment. As newly qualified teachers of children’s yoga we will want to know how you are getting on and you will inevitably face challenges from time to time. For this reason we will continue to be available for you to share your triumphs and discuss any issues, problems or concerns that you may encounter as you embrace the wonderful world of Children’s yoga.

If you are interested in finding out more about our training please  contact us