RJ Yoga Foundation


Picture4RJ Yoga Foundation is raising money to fund age appropriate education to children in our local schools, helping them make informed decisions about the choices that they will face regarding drugs, alcohol and tobacco.



Set up in 2011, on Richard Furgerson’s 50th birthday, the RJ Yoga Foundation was created on the belief, “As a human being, we all deserve a chance at life”. By supporting children, the RJ Yoga Foundation will help actualise their full potential as human beings, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

So far the RJ Yoga Foundation has been raising funds to support projects aimed at helping children to achieve this state. It is now looking to expand its network of schools and partners to further this cause.

If you have a project you feel RJ Yoga Foundation should be supporting, or know a school that would benefit from one of the supported projects, please do contact us.


“The Amaze Project”Picture3

‘The Amaze Project’ is a part of the work of the charity ARCADE with the principle aim of supporting children at an early stage of social development. A workshop for Year 6 children, ‘The Amaze Project’ has been experienced by 17,000 across Berkshire over the last 10 years, receiving very good feedback from pupils and staff alike. Following OFSTED’s recommendations in ‘Drug education in schools’, the workshop exposes children to choices they may come to experience in relation to peer pressure, drugs, and alcohol. It has been recommended by health professionals and ‘Healthy Schools’ advisors and is in line with the NHS brief on Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHWB) of pupils & staff.

In 2012 the RJ Yoga Foundation discovered ‘The Amaze Project’ and has since set up a successful partnership with Kevin Woods, Director of ARCADE, who created and leads the project. We have been raising funds to bring ‘The Amaze Project’ into local schools for free, with our long-term aim of expanding to as many schools as possible. If you are an educator or would like this project in your children’s school, please do get in touch with us. We are currently looking for more schools to work with and would love to help you find out any more information about this inspiring children’s project.

A little more about Arcade…

ARCADE (Amethyst Resource Centre for Alcohol and Drug Education) works to enable young people with positive choices for a healthy lifestyle. ARCADE’s aims align with RJ Foundation’s principles in supporting children to reach their full potential.

Young people are frequently presented with choices, from which TV channel to watch through to which GCSE options to choose. Choices related to drug and alcohol use can sometimes appear harmless yet prove to have serious consequences.

ARCADE has been running interactive life skills based drug education projects since 1994. Its practices recognise the importance of providing accurate age appropriate alcohol and drug information. A life skills approach helps build self esteem and develop decision making skills.
The RJ Yoga Foundation is very proud to be supporting such a positive charity.