Richard Furgerson

Richard Furgerson studied the physical psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga at the Kripalu Centre, Lenox, Massachusetts in the U.S.A. Whilst there he also qualified as a teacher for children and in particular children with special needs. As a result of this, Richard has worked with many schools and establishments. He has continued his education by ongoing teachings with many gifted and talented teachers such as Donna Farhi, Sarah Powers and Simon Low.

Richard is a qualified aromatherapist, nutritionist and counsellor. He also holds certification for stress and health management. For these qualifications he studied at the Raworth Centre, Surrey U.K. He has a very keen interest in sports injuries due to his own sporting interests. As a young man of 18 he was playing from a 3 handicap at golf and was part of the team that took the Public Schoolboys‚ ‘Stowe Putter’ in 1979.

He continues to be a dedicated teacher of integrity and is always seeking growth and new ways to explore life through yoga with his clients young and old.

Deborah Pearce

Deborah’s first introduction to Yoga was in 2004 when she joined R J Yoga as a personal assistant. The vast benefits of yoga became apparent to her very quickly and she soon developed a passion for a greater understanding in the history and traditions of yoga and a deeper knowledge for her own practice. This lead her to undertake many different workshops and retreats with wonderful international teachers like Sarah Powers.

Deborah was also keen to introduce this wonderful holistic lifestyle to her two beautiful children which is the reason why she embarked on the R J Yoga Diploma for Children’s Yoga, which she graduated with in March 2007.

She continued expanding her teacher training when she qualified as a Birthlight antenatal yoga teacher under the guidance of Francoise Freedman. Deborah owes much for her apprenticeship and ongoing teachings to her teacher Richard Furgerson. Deborah’s style of teaching is warm, caring and compassionate, she has a dedicated focus and gives individual attention to all who attend her classes.